Mary Colter Builder Upon the Red Earth

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Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter broke new ground in a male-dominated fields of architecture and design in the first half of the twentieth century.  As the chief architectand decorator for the Fred Harvey Company from 1902 to 1948, she created remarkable buildings in her own vision, buildings the blended into the natural landscapes and paid homage to ancient structures of American Indian tribes of the Southwest.  Grand Canyon National Park is the most remarkable showcased if Colter's work.  There, such iconic structures as the Desert Vuwe Watchtowe, Bridght Angel Lodge, Lookout Studio, Hermits Rest, Phantom Rach dsplay the mastery Colter had for selecting complementary natural materials and for creatng unique designs.  As she intended, her buildings blend into the vast natural panorama of Grand Canyon: it's as if her buildings have always been part of the canyon's landscape.  A strong-willed woman knew what she wanted and wasnt afraid to go after it, Colter left an enduring mark on Grand Canyon National Park.  Virginia Grattan's Mary Colter :Builder Upon The Red Earth is an unforgettable biography of an extrodinary woman.